Öhlins Rear Shock STX22 Air Rear Shock

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Where light weight of a cross country shock meets the maximum control of a downhill bike. The search is over, STX 22 Air offers unheard of traction and support in light weight durable unit. No compromise needed.

After analyzing the demands on an air sprung for Enduro & Trail bikes, the Öhlins STX concept was the answer. Thanks to the lower damping levels compared to a coil sprung Downhill shock, a less complex product has been developed that still maintains high-performance functionality and offer ride efficacy without tampering with downhill control.

The STX 22 Air features a large piston diameter balanced by a large compression valve that ensures internal pressures are kept under control. This results in low hysteresis and excellent damping response, offering ride efficiency without tampering with downhill control.

Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable with an additional climb mode setting, a stability mode facilitating long climbs with maintained traction.

The air spring features a seal system optimized for low friction but also to give a smooth balancing of pressure between the air chambers. The result is initial suppleness supported by mid-stroke control and that extra bottom out resistance coming from air spring characteristics. It is also possible to tune the spring curve by adding or removing volume spacers or additional oil in the positive air chamber for a more progressive or a linear feel.

The Öhlins STX 22 Air is available in 4 different lengths/strokes with mounting hardware compatible with a majority of available Enduro/trail bikes on the market.

Examples of fitment

190×51: Orange Five, Canyon Spectral
200×51: Devinci Troy, Santa Cruz 5010, IBIS Mojo SL
200×57: Giant Reign, Intense Tracer 275, Santa Cruz Bronson, Juliana Roubion
216×63: Santa Cruz Nomad, Yeti SB6 C, Transition Patrol

Öhlins Performance Suspension Guide
Do you want to know which suspension models best suits your bike Click here to use our Performance Suspension Guide, it will also recommend a personal set up based on your weight and desired sag.


Specifically designed for the Enduro/trail segment
  • Sizes: 190x51mm, 200x51mm, 200x57mm and 216x63mm
  • One piece body and reservoir for minimum weight whilst maintaining maximum strength
  • Low friction seals and bushings
  • STX-Damping technology
  • External rebound damping adjustment
  • External high speed compression adjustment with climb mode setting
  • External low speed compression adjustment
  • Adjustable volume air spring
  • Weight starting at 340 g


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