BOS Forks Idylle39FCV


Sale price¥375,000

The Idylle 39FCV is the latest fork to leave our factory in Toulouse. Because of its larger diameter, its rigidity evolves in a global way.

The torsional stiffness is also evolving.

It is in the turns and the curves that we feel a gain of adherence and a better precision.

With the Idylle 39FCV, don't hesitate to put the angle on.

Ride fast, ride hard, don't question yourself when approaching rough sections. With the Idylle 39FCV, you always keep grip even between the transition of high and low speeds while always maintaining a good support under braking. Attack without thinking, you just have to load the front; the Idylle takes care of the rest.

Riding the Idylle 39FCV is the assurance, when the track goes steeper and the speed goes up, to stay in control of the situation!


  • Dual crown fork with 39mm stanchions for more rigidity, more precision and more comfort.
  • Specially designed casting for the specific constraints of the 39mm.
  • Upper crown for direct-mount stem.
  • Anti-vibration casting to reduce and attenuate the propagation of vibrations.
  • Open hydraulic cartridge in oil bath which offers the advantage of being very reliable with simplicity and ease of maintenance.
  • FCV (Frequency Control Valve) Technology Intelligent ground filtration.
  • Progressive hydraulic compression stop, adjustable in length.
  • Adjustment by knob: low and high speed compressions and rebound
  • Air spring with independent cartridge, adjustable progressiveness on request and low preload.
  • Environmentally friendly Bi-Oil that reduces friction and improves fork operation.
  • Weight: 2,950gr

The new Idylle 39FCV dual crown fork has all the elements that made it a success, and much more. Available in 29 inches, it perfectly answers the constraints of the DH practice, with a new 39 mm rigid frame.

Ride fast on the steepest and most rocky trails in complete serenity. Don't be afraid of any obstacle, any slope; ride with the idylle 39FCV designed to go down at full speed!




- 208mm


Wheel size :29"

Stroke : 208 mm

Blocking :No

Offset :53,5 mm

Wheel axle :Boost 15 x 110 mm or Boost 20 x 110 mm

Brake caliper mounting :Postmount 200

Min.disc diameter :200mm

Pivot :1-1/8

Casting :Magnesium

Color :Intense Grey or Deep Black

Crown :Dual crown Aluminium

Stanchion :Aluminium 7010 39mm

Fork height (from axle to tee) : 608 mm

Total offset :53,5mm

Weight :

- 2,950gr


Cartridge type :

Open hydraulic cartridge in oil bath.


Quick adjustment of the compression platforms

-Low Speed Compression (25 clicks)

- High Speed Compression (27 clicks)

- Rebound (30 clicks)

*More or less 2 clicks

FCV system :Yes


Cartridge type :

Independent Ait Cartridge 2021 Version

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