MAGURA Brake Lever HC-W for MT Sport/MT4/MT5/MT Trail Sport


Sale price¥8,000

MAGURA brake lever HC-W for MT Sport / MT4 / MT5 / MT Trail Sport

No hand is like the other - for this reason, MAGURA made the HC-W brake lever especially according to the wishes of the three-time downhill world champion LO C BRUNI. With a wide reach, short overall length and a crisp pressure point, the HC-W offers you a very direct braking feeling.
The lever is suitable for both left and right.

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum
Compatibility encoder: MT Sport / MT4 / MT5 / MT Trail Sport brakes (Carbotecture encoder from model year 2015)
Lever type: 1-finger
Possible settings: Reach Adjust with 3 mm hexagon socket
Color: Black

ATTENTION: Does not fit with MT Trail SL / Carbon, MT6, MT7 and MT8! (Carbotecture SL)

Weight according to the manufacturer: 16g
Weight weighed by yourself:

Scope of delivery: 1x MAGURA brake lever HC-W for MT Sport / MT4 / MT5 / MT Trail Sport

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