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Available :27,5" & 29" inches - E Moto



Taking the mytic name of the fork that equipped the mountain bikes of Nicolas Vouilloz and Anne-Caroline Chausson during their great years in the downhill world championships, the Bos Suspension Obsys 42 FCV fork has made a very noticed arrival.

Our new Obsys 42 FCV dual crown fork shows its impressive characteristics right away. It's built to win.


Our Obsys 42 FCV fork is very rigid and robust to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency.

It also benefits from the FCV Frequency Control Valve technology: this famous mass which detects if the excitation of the fork comes from the bottom up (holes to be erased, asperities of the track) or from the top down (weight of the rider who crushes the fork at the reception of a jump, impact to be taken).

The pneumatic part includes a cartridge which is independent from the stanchion, allowing the bending of the fork without generating friction in the cartridge.

This exceptional fork is made to make your life easier, to save precious seconds without feeling of forcing.


- Inverted fork for more sensitivity, precision and better grip.

- 42mm stanchions for maximum stiffness made of 7075 aluminum with specific low friction coating.

- FCV (Frequency Control Valve) Intelligent ground filtration.

- 220mm (27.5") or 200mm (29") travel for even more progressiveness.

- Hydraulic stop using a wider and more progressive travel range.

- Internally adjustable hydraulic stop.

- Completely independent Air cartridge from the stanchion allowing the fork to bend a little bit without increasing stress.

- 20mm Boost axle to increase the rigidity (convertible to 20mm standard with supplied cups).

- Low preload air spring.

- Environmentally friendly Bi-Oil oil that reduces friction and improves fork performance.

- Weight : 3 260g in 27,5" version - 3 490g in 29" version


Wheel Size : 27,5"ou 29"

Stroke : 27,5" - 220mm 29" - 200mm

Variable Stroke : No

Offset: 54 mm

Blocking : No

Wheel Axle : 20mm x 110mm Boost (Convertible to Standard)

Brake caliper assembly : Postmount

Min. disc diameter : 200mm

Pivot diameter : 1"1/8

Color : Black

Crown : 7050 aluminum dual crown

Stanchion : Ø42mm

Weight :

-3 260gr 27,5"

-3 490gr 29"


Cartridge type :

Obsys specific closed cartridge

Settings :

Hydraulic stops for progressive compression.

-Compression: 20 clicks

-Rebound : 28 clicks

FCV System : Yes


Cartridge type :

Obsys Specific Air Cartridge

Digital pump :


Fork height (from axle to tee) :

603 mm

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