HXR Components Easy Shift DH Crankset

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The HxR Components Easy Shift DH crankset will enable you to use your gears in a way you never thought possible! Its innovative design moves the freewheel to the front chainring and you run a fixed cassette at the rear, allowing the cranks and chainring to move independently. As the chain is in constant motion when your freewheeling you can change gears at any time. There's no longer the need to think ahead, so you can leave your gear changes to the last minute and still accelerate out of corners with ease.


  • EasyShift DH crankset has a 30mm axle and is compatible with a 83mm BSA bottom bracket (supplied).
  • BCD: 94 mm (Freewheel)
  • Minimum chainring size: 28T
  • Only compatible with a specific fixed rear hub


  • Easy Shift DH crankset
  • 1 Freewheel with 94mm BCD
  • Bottom Bracket for BSA 30mm 83 mm
  • Bottom bracket tool
  • Crank protection kit 
  • Lubricant

Please note:This crankset can only be used with a specific fixed rear hub, as use with a standard hub would negate the systems benefits.

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