Magicshine Monteer 5000S Storm MTB Headlight

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Magicshine Monteer 5000S Strom is designed to meet and exceed the expectations for the mass majority of mountain bike riders, extremely high output with perfect beam pattern for hardcore mountain biking and off-road cycling.

  • 5000 lumens max of verified output, 5x Luminus SST-40 LEDs
  • 265m max beam distance, 17000CD beam intensity
  • Flood light 3200 lumens max; Spot light 2000 lumens max
  • 7,000mAh battery, Micro USB charging, and discharging
  • 100 50 25 10% and Flash mode, low power mode triggered at 5% battery capacity
  • 2 hour runtime on max brightness, full-beam mode, 90 hours on 10% half beam mode
  • Garmin base, lightweight handlebar mount with straps
  • Support for handlebars 25.4mm and up
  • Only compatible with MJ-6275extension cable

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Magicshine Monteer 5000S storm is an ideal mountain bike light for the mass majority of MTB bike riders, extremely high output with perfect beam pattern for hardcore mountain biking and off-road cycling.

  • 5000 lumens of verified max output by 5 top-grade CREE LEDs with custom-engineered lamp cups. The beam pattern was fine-tuned through multiple iterations with the sole purpose of achieving the best possible performance for hardcore mountain bike riders.
  • The top 3 LEDs offer up to 3200 lumens of max output at 32 degrees beam spread, while the bottom 2 LEDs put out up to 2000 lumens of the spotlight with a more focused 21-degree spread. Each group of LEDs can be activated separately or together for a well-rounded beam pattern. The Monteer 5000S storm mountain bike light is well suited for hardcore mountain bikers, off-road, and Enduro riders, allowing almost daylight performance level.
  • As a mountain bike light, the Monteer 5000s is expected to endure a fair degree of punishment, the light body is well built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. IP65 rating meaning it can withstand heavy rain or snow. The aluminum alloy heat fins are engineered to offer top efficiency in transferring and dissipating heat build-up inside the light casing. The internal thermal protection will throttle max output if the light gets too hot. The Monteer 5000s mountain bike light is designed to perform optimally when the rider is going at medium to high speeds.
  • 7000mAh battery MJ-6116C offers up to 2 hours runtime on max brightness, full-beam mode, and 90 hours on 10% half beam mode. The battery uses 4x 18650 high-capacity Li-ion cells. Charging time is roughly 9 hours under 5V/2A and when not powering the light, the battery cable can detach and the connector port can be covered with a water-resistant silicon plug for mobile power bank use. On a full charge, the Monteer 5000S can be sustained at its max brightness setting for up to 2 hours. Back lit control button will show green when the battery power is above 20%, red between 5-20% remaining, and flashing red at less than 5% remaining. Note: The light’s intensity mode will lock into the lowest setting when the power is 5% or less.
  • The default mounts for the Monteer 5000s and 3500s model mountain bike light is Garmin compatible handlebar mount which is very durable and lightweight, comes default with 3 lengths straps, with support for Aero bars. For a more durable version of the handlebar, we recommend the MJ-6272 aluminum out front mount or the TTA out front mount. The helmet mounting option will require MJ-6275 extension cable and Garmin compatible helmet mount.

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