BOS Forks Deville II 35FCV


Color: Grey
Sale price$10,100.00

Available : 

27,5" or 29" inches

Stroke :

- 150mm - 160mm - 170mm

The new Deville II 35 FCV, available in both 27.5" and 29", is a perfect example of optimization. Every detail of the previous versions has been rethought, re-imagined, tested, No revolution, only evolutions, so notable that they make the Deville II 35 FCV indispensable.


The Deville II is the latest fork to come out of our factory in Toulouse. Designed to go down and up the steepest slopes, no terrain impresses it. Ride the Deville II and you'll immediately feel the difference. With a new hydraulic cartridge, a new patented aluminum crown, and a new magnesium casting, everything in this fork has been thought out and studied to give you the best experience and make every ride unique. Discover today our best technologies associated with a design and colors made in Toulouse.


- Specific Pivot/crown/stanchions assembly to limit torsion.

- Anti-vibration casting to reduce and attenuate the propagation of vibrations.

- Three-way hydraulics settings, low speed compression, high speed compression and rebound.

- Traction Control: Adjust the oil flow upstream of the low and high speed compression to gain support.

- FCV (Frequency Control Valve) Intelligent ground filtration.

- IFP Floating piston driven by a coil spring, it compensates the variations in available volume. This solution is constant and is not altered when the oil temperature rises.

- Bump & Drop Stop - Progressive hydraulic and elastomeric stops. To avoid the end of stroke breakdown in both the rebound and compression phases.

- Adjustable progressiveness on request.

- Environmentally friendly Bi-Oil that reduces friction and improves fork operation.

- Light weight 1 915g in 27,5" version - 2 020g in 29" 


Wheel Size : 27,5"ou 29"

Stroke : 150 - 160 - 170 mm

Blocking : No

Wheel Axle : Boost 15 x 110 mm or Boost 20 x 110 mm 

Brake Caliper Mounting : PostMount 180mm

Casting : Magnesium

Color : Grey or Black

Crown : Aluminum 7050 patented tee

Stanchion : Aluminium 7050  Ø35mm

Offset : 48mm

Weight :

- 1915gr (27,5" 150mm)

- 2020gr (29" 150mm)


Cartridge type : Closed cartridge 2021 Deville II

Settings : Quick adjustment of the compression platforms

- Traction Control

- Compression (30 clicks)

- Relaxation (25 clicks)

*More or less 2 clicks.

Système FCV : Yes


Cartridge type :

New Air 2021 Cartridge

Fork height (from axle to Tee) : 

Version : 27,5" :  (150mm : 545mm) - (160mm : 555mm) - (170mm : 565 mm)

Version : 29":  (150mm : 562mm) - (160mm : 572mm) - (170mm : 582 mm)

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